$25 million investment at Bishop’s University to improve innovation


The Canadian government in collaboration with the Government of Quebec will soon invest more than $24.5 million at two projects. they both belong to Bishop’s university. According to them, this funding will help these institutions to provide the necessary training required to access all high-paying middle-class jobs for the future.

In order to improve and enhance the research facilities in all Canadian campuses by improving the facilities and environment, federal funding will be used. According to the Government of Quebec, this contribution is part of the Quebec’s Infrastructure Plan. It includes investments in almost all sectors including the educational institutions.

The plan of Bishop’s University is to turn the John Bassett Memorial Library into an educational resource hub. This is possible through technology interventions. Also, through advanced specific designs that will make the school adapt all active and dynamic technology methods.

The investment amount

The total amount of these investments will reach at around $25 million.

The Canadian government will provide almost $10.24 million. It includes $7.74 million from the Post-Secondary Institutions Strategic Investment Fund and $2.50 million belonging to the Heritage of Canad. The Heritage institution is under the Canada-Québec Agreement for Minority-Language Education and Second-Language Instruction.

Also, the Quebec government will provide almost $9 million. The university and other partners will provide the other $5.37 million.

These investments will make all Quebec, professors, students and different researchers to work in state-of-the-art facilities that advance the country’s best research.

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