29 Skilled Occupations are not allowed to use Alberta’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program

Skyline of the city of Calgary, Alberta during autumn

The Alberta’s government, with the respective federal approval, has now launched an Employer Liaison Service. Its main intention is to match different open job positions with qualified local workers. This is a two-year pilot program in which Alberta’s companies will not be able to avail of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) when then want to hire skilled workers that belong in any of 29 specified  high-skilled occupations.

The government of Alberta has placed these occupations on a “refusal to process” list. Every company that attempts to hire in these categories through the TFWP will instead be contacted by the Alberta department of Labour. This department will then direct them to potential workers locally.

Despite these measures, the Employment and Social Development Canada’s open data portal, of more than 10,000 temporary foreign workers who came to work in Alberta last year, only 400 belonged in the now new restricted skilled employment categories.

Alberta’s Labour Minister, Christina Gray’s word

Alberta’s Labour Minister, Christina Gray added: “We’re putting Albertans first in line for available jobs across the province. By helping more people get work, we will strengthen Alberta’s economy; I’m proud to be launching this program as a joint effort between Canada’s and Alberta’s governments.”

It is expected that, as the provincial and federal governments continue to cooperate together, additional possible ways will be added.  These additional measures will consider locals first in line for jobs.

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