3 Best Places To Raise Your Kids In Canada

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Let’s assume you have already decided that you and your family want to permanently live in Canada and finally that day is right in the corner. Have you already thought about the area you want to move in Canada? Or better say, do you really know which are the most convenient places and cities to raise you kids and live as a family in this North-located country?

Canada might be one of the best countries to live in, but not every city can offer you the same things. There are definitely some areas that are more family-friendly than the others.  The best thing to do, before moving to Canada, is to find out which are the most prosperous but are yet quiet and affordable cities to raise a family.  Good news is, we’ve already done that and created a ‘Top 3’ list. Measuring hospitalization and unemployment rates, average rent cost, cultural institutions and also, crime rates, here are the cities that brought themselves to the Top Three:

  1. Blainville, Quebec

This city has an average monthly daycare cost of 150$ per month! It has also a great environment and more than half of its 53,000 residents are families with kids under the age of 15.

  1. Calgary, Alberta

Even though this city has an average daycare monthly cost of 900$, significantly higher than the first one, it has some other benefits when it comes to raising your kids. You will find more options when it comes to choosing a family activity and cultural area. 50% of all its citizens are families with at least one kid.

  1. Burlington, Ontario

This central located city has more than 48% families and also, almost 15% of its whole population is under the age of 15. With an average monthly daycare cost of 1,100 dollars per month, this city offers not only a large variety of family-friendly activities, but also a better, soft climate.

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