3 popular Canadian visas


Canada is one of the most immigrant-friendly countries in the world. As such, most people prefer to live and work in Canada. There are certain Canadian visas that are more popular than others. Below I have explained the top three of them.

1. Federal Skilled Worker visa 

If you are highly skilled and want to work in Canada, you may consider applying for the Federal Skilled Worker Category. Your application will be scrutinized on the basis of your education, skills, work experience, proficiency in English and/or French, your background, and other factors. You will then be ranked on a 100 points scheme. You must achieve at least 67 points to be eligible for the program. Be sure to get advice from an immigration consultant before applying under this program.

2. Student visa 

If you want to study at a college or university in Canada, you may consider the student visa. It is the second most popular Canadian visa. In order to be considered under this program, you must:

  • Have an acceptance letter from a Canadian educational institute
  • Provide your evidence of financial strength or support to cover your educational, living, and other expenses in Canada
  • Produce your personal data and documents as may be required by authorities

If you are able to satisfy the immigration authorities, you may be able to get a permit to get education at an educational institution in Canada.

3. Canadian Experience Class visa 

If you are already living in Canada on a provisional work permit, you may apply to become a permanent resident under the Canadian Experience Class. It is one of the most popular visa types that cover people who are skilled and have work experience in Canada. In order to be eligible for this visa, you must have already worked for a minimum of one year in Canada and are proficient enough in English and/or French languages.

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