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4 myths about Canada’s Express Entry system

Express Entry is Canada’s modern immigration system that is developed to choose skilled workers to immigrate to Canada. The system is fully online and facilitates a coordinated effort between the federal government, provincial governments, and Canadian employers to bring skilled people to Canada. However, not all people are aware of the facts about the Express Entry. Many people still hold certain myths and misconceptions about the system. Here are the common myths about Express Entry:

Myth 1: Any individual can enter the Express Entry pool

The reality is you can enter the Express Entry pool only when you meet all the eligibility requirements for immigrating to Canada through one of the current federal economic immigration programs.

Myth 2: You need a job offer to immigrate to Canada through Express Entry

The fact is you don’t require a job offer to enter the Express Entry pool. However, if you already have a job offer, your chances of success for the Express Entry will increase considerably. If you have a job offer or have been nominated by a Canadian province, you will get points out of the 600 additional points during the assessment.

Myth 3: The Federal Skilled Worker Program’s eligible occupation list is still effective

The eligible occupations lift has become ineffective. The new system requires the applicants to show they have had a minimum of one-year work experience in a skilled profession during the last ten years. Your skills and education will also be assessed.

Myth 4: The only method to immigrate to Canada as an economic immigrant is through the Express Entry

While Express Entry covers the majority of Canada’s economic immigration programs, it is not the only way to move to Canada as an economic immigrant. Canadian provinces also have the freedom to bring in economic immigrants without having them processed via the Express Entry system. However, there is a cap over the maximum number of immigrants the provinces can pick per year outside Express Entry for economic purposes.

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