5 easy steps of the provincial nominee program


If you want to immigrate to Canada and don’t have any idea about the immigration program that is best for you, you may give a thought to the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). Below are the five easy steps of PNP:

Step 1: Check Your Eligibility

First of all, check whether you meet the eligibility criteria for PNP. Keep in mind that Quebec has different rules and policies that govern the PNP program. It will not accept the same application that you may develop for other provinces. The eligibility requirements of PNP also differ from one province to another, and the criteria continuously change.

Step 2: Write Your Application

There are two ways to start the PNP application process. You can either start the process for the Express Entry program or outside the Express Entry system. Applying via the Express Entry is more popular because it makes your immigration quicker. No matter which of these options you choose, it is essential first to decide the Canadian province you want to live and then initiate the PNP application process. And if a province accepts your application, you can apply to the IRCC for a PR visa.

Step 3: Know the Processing Times

If you want to apply for PNP under the non-Express Entry stream, you can check the processing time of your application online. The manner in which the government processes the applications has witnessed many changes over the last few years. If you are applying via the Express Entry system, you would not be sure about the time the government would take to process your application. But the good news is that most of the applications are processed within the first six months.

Step 4: After Submitting Your Application

After you apply, you would get a notification that the application has been received and is being assessed. If the application submitted via the Express Entry system is not complete, it would be rejected, and your money would be refunded. If you filed your application outside the Express Entry system, you would get a letter that would guide you as to when you should get a police background check and medical examination. Based on your inputs, your application will be accepted or rejected.

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