5 jobs that will make you most welcome in Canada

jobs in Canada in 2017

The Canadian government issues a list of the most in-demand jobs every year. You can use the Express Entry system to immigrate to Canada and avail these jobs. Here are the jobs that will make you most welcome in Canada right now:

Food service supervisors

Food service supervisors are in high demand in Canada. They are responsible for overseeing and managing the activities of food and nutrition employees in the healthcare sector, lunchrooms, and dish rooms. When you become a food service supervisor, you will be directing and supervising the work of the dining staff and make sure the food standards are met.

Information systems analysts and consultants

As the name suggests, information systems analysts and consultants work with computers. They analyze whether the information technology in organizations works according to the compliance standards. They also provide feedback to the top management about cybersecurity and coordinate with cybersecurity officers to safeguard IT systems from hackers.

Software engineers

Software engineers develop software for different businesses and organizations. They apply the codes of software engineering to the design and development of computer software. They are also responsible for the safety, efficiency, testing, and assessment of computer software.

Interactive media developers

The demand for interactive media developers has witnessed a sharp rise in the US. Interactive media developers use data, graphics, audiovisuals, and simulations to work on online projections like website, games, learning material, and TV.

University professors and lecturers

The demand for university professors and lecturers has never declined in Canada. In fact, the need is surging each year since the last several decades. If you are highly qualified in a particular field of study, you may consider working in Canada as a university professor or lecturer. The good news is that professors and lecturers have flexible jobs and make a huge sum of money every year.

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