The air quality in Canada holds the third place in the World

air pollution

Canada is not only well-known for its endless job and education opportunities,  or the good quality of life. It has also some amazing nature areas, landscapes and climate.

That is why Canadian people breathe one of the best air in the World, literally. This report, indicating Canada as the third place, was created by World Health Organization. Air pollution is the cause of more than 1.35 million premature deaths all over the world. According to this organization, the air quality is measured by the combination of: power generation, indoors consumption, industry and private transport.

According to WHO, only a few cities were able to meet its guidelines. The majority of urban populations surpassed the maximum level of 20 milligrams per cubic meter.

The danger….

All these cities who don’t meet the necessary guidelines,  are becoming a real danger, especially for the citizens living there due to the fact their air quality which can cause respiratory problems , cancers, especially  lungs cancer, heart diseases etc.

Canada’s annual air pollution estimation was 13 micrograms of PM10 particles per cubic meter. In Canada the large green areas, work as a powerful lung for the country. Also, some other climate factors have a lot to do by regulating the air quality and temperatures. Winds, temperatures, people’s lifestyle, are all secondary factors which contribute in the air quality.

India, Iran and Pakistan, are among countries with the worst air quality on the planet. Quite the opposite when compared with Canada, United States and some North European countries.

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