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How to apply for immigration to Ontario?

Ottawa, Ontario

Planning to immigrate to Ontario? If yes, do you know if you are eligible to immigrate there or not? Or do you know how to apply for a visa? You must get answers to all these questions, especially if you are traveling to Ontario for the first time. Immigration to any country is a tedious and lengthy process, but with the proper guidance and documents, you may get through it the first time itself. In this post, I will discuss how you can immigrate to Ontario.

Eligibility criteria

There are certain rules and regulation that you need to follow if you want to Immigrate to Ontario. Like all other countries, you have to get a medical examination and pass the background check before you get an immigrant visa. Let’s say you have a medical condition that might affect the other population in Ontario. This may cause a problem for you. You might not be able to immigrate to Ontario if you are HIV +, have TB, are addicted to drugs, or have possibly remained involved in some criminal activities.

How to apply?

How can you apply to immigrate to Ontario depends on the immigration category you are considering. To know more, visit the IRCC’s website. They will offer you complete guidance on how to apply and where to submit your application.

Make sure you pay a fee for each of the application you make. And if the application is refused, you won’t get a refund.

You can call up the IRCC office and ask for assistance. They will walk you through the whole process. If you live in Canada, call 18882422100 now and seek help from the IRCC call center. However, if you are looking for some assistance from the settlement agency, find the one nearest to you.

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