Top 10 Jobs That Can Bring You to Canada

Express Entry is the fastest way for international skilled workers to relocate to Canada. This popular immigration selection system is not only more efficient but also faster than other similar programs around the world. In most cases, candidates will see their applications being processed in six months. Applicants in the …

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Are you inadmissible under Canada’s immigration law?

People who are barred from entering Canada are known as “inadmissible” under the immigration law of Canada. There are a number of reasons and grounds that can make you inadmissible in light of the Canadian immigration law. If the immigration authorities have a reasonable belief that you are a security …

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“Immigration is a key element in Canada’s economic future”


During an address in Toronto, Ontario, Ahmed Hussen, the Immigration Minister declared that Canada is committed to economic immigration. He also made a statement regarding the government plans to continue welcoming immigrants and treating them as their own. The Canada’s approach regarding immigration remains constant while in the United States, …

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Mosque Shooting in Quebec: Six People Killed

Six people were killed in a shooting at a Quebec City mosque during evening prayers. Canada’s Prime minister  Justin Trudeau said that the shooting was an act of terrorism. Police initially arrested two men, but later said just one remains a suspect. At the moments, the police didn’t give a possible …

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Top fastest growing industries in Canada today

The Great White North is not only a social oriented country thrived by so many people from all over the world, it is also a place where many successful industries continue to quickly grow every year. So does the need of specialists and qualified people. Canadian market is well known …

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