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British Columbia is looking for immigrant entrepreneurs

British Columbia’s Business Immigration stream became the Entrepreneur Immigration stream. It puts together the two main categories, Business Skills and Regional Business, which were separated up until now, and its main purpose is to find and encourage immigrant entrepreneurs to develop business opportunities in British Columbia. This way, Canada will ...

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Top 10 High Demand Jobs in Canada

Whether you are deciding what to study, considering a change in career, or just want to know what else is available, check out our list of the most demanding jobs in Canada. Mining and forestry manager is the hottest job at the moment. High demand, as well as a generous ...

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Canada Can’t Deny Refugee Applicants The Right to Appeal

Last week, a federal court in Canada ruled that the federal government’s current refugee policy is discriminatory and violates the Charter rights of refugee applicants from certain countries. According to the ruling, authorities should not make a distinction between the Designated Country of Origin refugee claims and those filed by ...

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Canada’s most popular sports

Canadians are renowned for their love of sports and outdoors activities, and although there are some extremely popular sports, basically any activity will do. Canada has a sport for each season and also some sports that can be played all year round, so there is never a gap in this ...

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4 Reasons Why You Should Study in Canada

The outstanding quality of Canada’s school system is acknowledged worldwide. High educational standards and affordable costs of living make this country one the best places to study. In case you are still pondering over it, any of these four facts will surely help you make a quick decision about whether ...

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