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High paying entry-level jobs in Canada

Landing an attractive entry-level job can be a tough task. While internships can be useful to get a peek into the corporate world, for many people, it isn’t a good option to land a high paying entry-level job. If you want to get a good entry-level job, check out the ...

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Tips for a job interview

job application

A job interview is the most important part of the job-hunting process. No matter how qualified and experienced you are, you need to prepare for a job interview. Below are some important tips for a job interview. 1. Practice good body language Your body language says a lot about your ...

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Family Class Immigration: Sponsorship requirements

Family Class Immigration is for individuals sponsored by a relative who happens to be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident to immigrate to Canada. There are certain requirements the sponsor and the applicant must meet in order for the applicant to immigrate to Canada. Below are the specific sponsorship requirements ...

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Networking ideas for newcomers to Canada

Newcomers to Canada often face many challenges, especially in terms of getting a job. Despite having an excellent education and work experience, they may not get the job they deserve. When you are new in any country, you are unknown to the people that country. They don’t know who you ...

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Steps to get Canadian work visa

If you are interested in working in Canada, you must understand the steps to get the visa. The work visas are temporary in nature and available to individuals who have got authorized job offers in Canada. Below are the steps to get Canadian work visa: Step 1: Know whether you ...

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6 affordable ways to decorate your home

A home is still a home without decorations but when decorated, it can make your home life worthwhile. A well-decorated home looks refreshing, stylish, and full of energy. Below are some affordable ways to decorate your home. 1. Color the walls Blank or white walls look dull. The new trend ...

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4 signs Canada’s economy is headed to boom

The Canadian economy witnessed many ups and downs from 2014 to 2017 and now there are strong indications that the economy is up for a boom in 2018. Below are the signs Canada’s economy is headed to perform well in the months to come: 1. The job market is improving ...

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Things to avoid during a real estate auction

A real estate auction can be a high-pressure and daunting experience for many prospective buyers. Risk, strong bids by other bidders, unwelcoming revelations, and similar factors make the auction an overwhelming experience. On the positive side, you can get a level playing field at real estate auctions. In order to ...

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Self-employed stream: Who is qualified

The self-employed stream is not for everyone. It covers certain individuals, with certain qualities who want to live and do business in Canada. There are 3 categories of individuals who can be eligible to apply for the self-employed stream: 1) Self-employed in cultural activities First off, the self-employed stream covers ...

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