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Canada, the second best country in the world

The Social Progress Imperative index used 53 indicators to establish which of the 133 countries taken into account is the world’s best. Canada ranks first or ties to first for many of these indicators, such as housing, personal rights, tolerance or heath care but there is room for improvement in ...

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Canadian dishes you must absolutely try

Poutine is the Canadian national dish and everyone who arrives in the country must try it in order to live the Canadian experience. It is said to have originated in Quebec in the 1950s and since then it has been re-interpreted in many ways, in fast food chains and fine ...

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Happy Canada day!

On July 1, Canadians everywhere celebrate Canada day, the national day of Canada. This year, authorities mark Canada’s 149th anniversary through a series of public celebrations around the country. Each province has its own way to celebrate, ranging from food and art festivals, and concerts, to parades and fireworks. Prime ...

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Canadian retailers off to best start since 2010

Canadian consumers have found a new will to spend money this year, partly encouraged by near record low interest rates and rising home prices, and their spending is like a breath of fresh air for the national economy. Economists say that Canada’s retailers are witnessing the best first quarter in ...

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Academics can boost your chances of employment

Many employers ask for work experience and Canadian credentials when looking for candidates. For newcomers, both of these requirements can sometimes prove difficult to meet, but far from impossible. For starters, immigrants can take courses and credentials in post-secondary schools and thus increase their chances of finding a good job. ...

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Canada to lift visa restrictions for Mexican travelers

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has recently announced that the Canadian government is prepared to lift visa restrictions for Mexican travelers starting December 1st if the Mexican authorities guarantee that there won’t be a stream of people looking for asylum in Canada. Otherwise, restrictions will be reinstated. The former Conservative government ...

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