Baseline of 300,000 New Immigrants to Canada Established
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Baseline of 300,000 New Immigrants to Canada Established


July 16: It has been firmly established by the Canadian Minister of immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, Ahmed Hussen that number of immigrants moving in Canada will not drop below 300,000. The fiscal year from July 2015 to July 2016 has observed a record high number of immigrants; 320, 932 to be exact. For the next year, the basic target is 300,00.

The minister Ahmed Hussen also stated that although the exact number of immigrants for next year is unknown, it will not, at any case fall below 300,000. This kind of estimation and planning has increased the number of economic admissions as compared from the previous year. This reflects the Canadian aim and commitment to the basic idea of immigration, which is a key of economic development of the nation.

Better opportunities

Hussen also stated that the Canadian government wants to make permanent residents out of immigrants. This,  by providing them better job and lifestyle opportunities. Some of the strategies and policies such as Global Skills Strategy, Atlantic immigration pilot project, Federal express entry system and many others aim to solely lure human labor and skills in Canada. Minister also stated that all these efforts will make up the shortage of skilled workers in Canada. They can create more and better job opportunities for Canadians. This, in order to improve the economic conditions of individual as well as the country.

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