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Best cities in Canada to raise a family

When it comes to choosing where to start or raise a family, there are a number of factors that should be taken into account. Canada is ranked as one of the best countries to raise a family. It is a family-friendly country, with cities that offer you the best quality of life. Below are the best cities in Canada to raise a family.

1. Québec City

Quebec offers an unparalleled healthcare system, top-notch childcare facilities and standards, childcare funding and is home to the best doctors in the world. The cost of housing is relatively lower in Quebec and the crime rate is negligible. If you are looking for a Canadian city to raise a family, Quebec should be your first choice.

2. Montréal

Montreal is famous for its childcare funding, which is an important part of raising a family. It is also a hub of performing arts, nightlife, and restaurants. Family doctors are always accessible in Montreal. This city is also popular for its youth services and lower cost of living.

3. Vancouver

Vancouver is known for its unmatched education quality and facilities, besides being home to people from diverse backgrounds. Like Montreal, Vancouver is famous for its family doctors. On the downside, housing is very expensive in this city.

4. Vaughan & Richmond Hill, Ontario

Even though they are not considered to be the best cities in Canada, they rank higher than others when it comes to the best cities to raise a family. Vaughan and Richmond Hill boast greater life expectancy and are famous for their fitness facilities. You can earn relatively higher income in these cities. On the downside, these cities rank lower when it comes to art galleries, museums, and cultural spaces.

5. Toronto

Canada’s largest city is also one of the country’s best cities to raise a family. Toronto offers your family greater amenities, including easily accessible family doctors, educational facilities, entertainment, restaurants, performing arts and above all the opportunity to meet people from diverse backgrounds.

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