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The government of Canada has created the Family Class immigration program to help reunify close family members in Canada. If you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, you may sponsor your adopted child and dependent family members to immigrate to Canada.

When it comes to reuniting families, the Canadian government has a firm pledge in this area. It has come up with the Family Class program to make it possible for close family members to stay together in Canada. Many Canadian people wonder how they can make it possible for their adopted child to immigrate to Canada. The good news is that you can do so under the Family Class immigration program.

In majority cases, people immigrating to Canada to work as temporary foreign workers or permanent residents keep the privilege to bring their adopted children and other dependents to Canada. There is also a possibility that such situations may appear that may make it impossible or difficult for you to bring your adopted child or other dependents to Canada.

To facilitate Canadian permanent residents and citizens to bring their dependent children, including adopted children, to Canada, the government has created the Dependent Child Sponsorship Program. Under this program, your adopted child will be able to immigrate to Canada without much difficulty. This program is a part of the Family Class program.

To help bring your adopted child to Canada, you would be required to sponsor the child, and the IRCC must endorse the sponsorship. Furthermore, you and your child will be required to prove your relationship to one another. In case you are in the process of adopting a child, you can still initiate the processing of sponsoring the child to immigrate to Canada.

While applying for immigration of your adopted child to Canada, you must be sure to carefully read the requirements of the program, in addition to the additional general eligibility criteria. When the sponsorship is approved, your adopted child will become a permanent resident of Canada and enjoy all the rights provided under this program.

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