Business French is a must for a better job in Quebec

Woman and bubble with country flagA study from the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal found that 84 percent of the 686 companies in Greater Montreal that the BTMM has surveyed have a positive attitude towards hiring immigrants, and only nine percent would have reservations in this matter. Even though the study revealed that immigrants face certain difficulties in finding work in Quebec, these obstacles are not insurmountable.

One of the main problems that immigrants face is the lack of proficiency in English and French. In Quebec, business French is a must for those who want to accede into higher hierarchal positions. A recent survey has found that, at the moment, immigrants account for 14 percent of executives in private companies, but their numbers could be considerably higher if they had better command of the language.

Business English is also a problem cited by the employers in Quebec. About 10 percent of employers said that limited command of English is an obstacle for immigrants, even though this is a French-speaking area.

Authors of the study estimate that 105,000 jobs are being created between 2013 and 2017, so this would be a good moment to work on your foreign language skills, in case you are planning to move to Quebec.

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