Cairo’s Canadian Embassy Warns of Inaccurate News Regarding certain Immigration Procedures

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Today, the Canadian Embassy located in Cairo has released a warning of certain inaccurate information that has been circulating during the past few days. They are mostly related to pertaining to the procedures of Egyptians’ immigration to Canada.

The embassy officials gave a clear and constructive statement. They admitted that the Embassy of Canada in Egypt has noted this fake information. Especially regarding changes to Canada’s refugee policy with regards to Egypt and other countries. The asked people to disregard such websites and rely only on information present on our official websites.

False Interpretation

According to them, this statement is only the response to some “false interpretation” of another statement. The statement they’re referring was released by Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada. It stated that starting 1 June, the Refugee Protection Division has designated certain claims for refugee protection from Afghanistan, Egypt, Burundi, and Yemen to be eligible to process under the Policy on the Expedited Processing of Refugee Claims by RPD.

According to the statement released later, it only applies on those who have arrived in the Canadian territories. Also, they must have proved any kind of political, religious or other type of persecution in their countries. The Egyptian citizens are not eligible to apply for refugee status while they are still in Egypt.

Egypt belongs in the same list as Burundi, Afghanistan, and Yemen in the Canada’s new decision to simplify the procedures needed to apply as refugees once arriving to Canada.

According to the new policy, they will determine the status of citizens from one of these countries without a hearing in appropriate circumstances.

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