Calgary’s workforce most educated compared to peer cities

31992348_sA new study by Calgary Economic Development and Monitor Deloitte indicates that Calgary is highly competitive compared to other similar cities around the world. The report, “Benchmarking Calgary’s Competitiveness”, focused on specific items in comparing Calgary to Houston, Pittsburgh, Brisbane, Rio de Janeiro, Vancouver, Singapore, Chicago, Atlanta, Aberdeen, and Rotterdam, in order to find out the city’s strengths and weak points that need to be redressed.

According to the report, Calgary’s workforce is the most educated among the 11 cities, with 34.8 percent of employees holding at least a bachelor’s degree. Another Canadian city, Vancouver, ranked second with 34.1 percent, whereas Houston was third with 30.9 per cent. Calgary is also first in terms of labor participation, with 75.2 percent of working-age people being employed. Singapore was second, at 68 percent and Vancouver third, at 64.9 percent.

In point of percentage of immigrants, Calgary is in third place among its peers. The city holds the same position when it comes to spending on research and development, with $826 per capita.

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