Can I stay in Canada if my child was born in Canada

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If your child is born in Canada, he or she would automatically become a Canadian citizen. However, this doesn’t mean that you can stay in Canada or become a citizen of the country just because your child was born here. In the majority of cases, if you are not a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, and even if your child was born in Canada, you would be required to go back to your home country with your child.

However, there are some legal methods to become a permanent resident or citizen of Canada if your child was born in Canada. You can apply for permanent residence or get your child to sponsor you to immigrate to Canada after your child meets the eligibility criteria.

To apply for permanent residence; you must first meet specific eligibility requirements and follow the application process. And if you are not already a permanent resident, you may be able to stay in Canada for some time in certain instances. For example, you can stay here as a temporary resident, a visitor, or a student or worker if you qualify for it.

Once your child reaches a certain age limit, he or she can return to Canada and live, study, and work here because he/she is already a Canadian citizen by birth. However, you may still face restrictions to become a permanent resident or citizen of Canada because the parental sponsorship requirements have many requirements that you must meet.

The second option to become a permanent resident of Canada is through sponsorship. Your child who was born in Canada and returns to Canada after becoming 18 years old can sponsor both you and your spouse, and his or her grandparents to become a Canadian permanent resident. Your child must have enough money and be ready to support you financially once you enter Canada.

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