Where in Canada are immigrants most prosperous?


Many people who want to immigrate to Canada do so for economic reasons and to get a better quality of life than what they get in their home countries. As such, they want to know where in Canada are immigrants most prosperous. A research report that appeared in The Star tells us that immigrants are thriving in Calgary and Edmonton. These cities are counted among the most immigrant-friendly cities in Canada. The people here are most welcoming to new immigrants, particularly those who can contribute to strengthening the economy.

Calgary and Edmonton offer ample opportunities for immigrants in terms of work and quality of life. The government authorities facilitate skilled immigrants and educated workers to establish their businesses in Calgary and Edmonton and create jobs for others or work in other companies and enhance their productivity and efficiency.

The number of people immigrating to these cities has increased by an average of 12 percent since 2016. It is a record increase as compared to other Canadian cities. Both Calgary and Edmonton offer immigrants many top-notch recreational centers, educational institutes, and healthcare facilities.


Calgary has witnessed a surge in the number of immigrants for many years. Over the years, immigrants in this city have thrived and become prosperous. It has been noted that noticeable minority and racialized communities in Calgary have made a massive contribution to the city’s economy and cultural life. It is a diverse city with a better quality of life and more economic opportunities.


During the last ten years, Edmonton has attracted a huge number of immigrants from around the world. Most immigrants prefer this city because of the vibrant economy, employment and business opportunities, and commercial activities. This city is also known as the heart of celebrations, gathering, and achievements. If you are a new immigrant in Edmonton, you can quickly assimilate in the city’s community and get opportunities for honing your skills through vocational training.

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