Canada launches fast-track visa program to lure top talent


Canada has just launched its fast track visa program. This visa will bring in the highly skilled workers in the country.

This program has been launched just in time to facilitate those tech organizations who are seeking to hire the most talented and skilled workers who can otherwise be recruited by Silicon Valley. The Innovation Minister of Canada Navdeep Bains has stated that in the present times where Islamophobia and discrimination on the basis of cast and color are at its peak, Canada offers highly favorable environment for people from around the globe.

He has been careful enough not to clearly mention US’s strict Visa policies although the hint is clear.

It is also of importance that out of 150 applications received for the latest recruitments, 50 were of US based immigrants. These people were actually concerned about the current administrations questionable decisions.

Not a new plan

This Canadian plan was actually launched in the November last year. It aims to reduce the processing time of work permits and issuing of visas. The applications might be completely processed within 2 weeks unlike the traditional time period of 6 months to 1 year.

In favor of lenient visa policy of Canada, the immigration minister Ahmed Hussen stated that investment actually follows talent. Which is why the talent is being brought to the country. Until now, the government has been established no definite quota about the amount of foreigners who can come to the country for work.

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