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Canada wants tech immigrants


Canada is vigorously hiring educated people with high tech skills to help boost the country’s economy and generate new employment opportunities. As such, the Canadian government is making it easy for tech workers to immigrate to Canada. Many programs have already been launched in this regard, making Canada one of the most suitable destinations for tech workers.

If you are a tech worker and your US immigration application has been denied, you may consider immigrating to Canada instead. Canada is one of the friendliest countries for skilled foreign workers. Since the US has made immigration harder for skilled workers like technology people, most tech workers are turning to Canada because the country offers easy and flexible immigration options to them.

There is no doubt that the US is a top attraction for tech immigrants, but as the new US immigration policy become active in Sept. 2018, it will be challenging for new tech workers to immigrate to the US. Canada wants to capitalize on this shift in the US immigration policy and attract tech immigrants by offering many services to facilitate the process.

Tech workers are already immigrating to Canada in a record number and starting their businesses there or working with the tech companies in Canada. The inflow of tech immigrants has already begun to make the Canadian economy stronger. One of the main reasons why tech workers prefer to immigrate to Canada is the quality of life and strong values in Canada. The cost of living and quality of life is better in Canada than the US.

If you are a tech worker and interested in immigrating to Canada, you can apply through the Express Entry system or get a provincial nomination. In any case, you must use the service of an experienced and reliable immigration consultant or attorney instead of making a solo flight. Doing so will keep you from making errors that may delay your immigration to Canada.

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