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Top 6: Canada’s Best Jobs In 2015

Canada's Best Jobs In 2015
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Despite going through a rough patch, the oil and gas industry is still in pole position when it comes to high salaries and other benefits. Office and service related positions are also among the best jobs in Canada at the moment and predictions show that things won’t be changing too much during the next couple of years. So let’s see Canada’s best jobs in 2015!

  1. Mining and Forestry Manager

With a median salary of $108.804, this position requires deep technical knowledge, in order to handle complicated equipment, along with managerial skills necessary to supervise hundreds of workers in rather dangerous sites. There are currently 10.700 mining and forestry managers in Canada.

  1. Oil and Gas Drilling Supervisor

The drop in oil prices had a significant impact on demand for labor and salaries. However, this sector is vital for Canada and things will surely get back on track at some point. Meanwhile, supervisors still have a median salary of $79.040, not bad for an industry which has seen better days.

  1. Air Traffic Controller

There are only 5.100 air traffic controllers in Canada at the moment, but the generous paychecks draw more employees each year. If you have strong nerves and you work well under pressure, this might be the job for you.

  1. Statistician and Actuary

More data means more employees to work the numbers, and as a result there is a surging need for specialists. The median salary for a statistician is $89.606.

  1. Engineering Manager

Perhaps the biggest advantage of this job is being able to find work in a wide variety of fields. 24.600 Canadians are currently holding this position, with a median salary of $94.993.

  1. Public Administration Director

Working in the public sector has never looked better. With a median salary of almost $100.000, these senior administrators are a link between elected politicians and other employees in the civil service.

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