Canada’s Immigration Minister visits Middle East to promote immigration

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Ahmed Hussen, Canada’s immigration minister, paid a visit to Middle East with the main intention to Promote Canadian immigration interests.

Mr. Hussen traveled to the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Syria and Egypt. He visited various refugee camps and personally met some of the Syrian refugees reminding them he had been in their place many years ago.

Between many meeting, minister also met with UAE’s minister for higher education. Hi made sure to promote Canada as an educational destination for Emirati students that are looking to study abroad. This is not the first time that Mr. Hussein engages himself to promote Canada to the international students.  He has always been quite outspoken about marketing Canada to this category of people and seeing them as the strongest potential for the Canada’s future.

A strong point

One of the strongest points Canada has to offer to international students, according to Mr. Hussein,  has to do with the opportunities students have to continue building their live there after they finish their studies. When in Cairo, the minister also visited visa processing center which has been dealing for a while with different backlogs, long processes and waiting times.

The minister made sure to engage in fixing the situation especially since there are many Canadian visa officers who are creating trouble to this process since there are many of them that don’t want to work there because of the security situation in Egypt.

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