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Canada’s real estate trends 2018

The real estate trends in Canada are all set to take a turn for the good in 2018. Competitive elements are triggering real estate developers, owners, and investors to rethink and gauge their strategies, so they can make appropriate deals and change the way they do business. Factors like technological changes and regulations are catalyzing the growth. The scenario is both promising and challenging.

The retail sector

The growing trend of online shopping and technologies are affecting the retail sector of Canada. More people are now shopping online than ever before. Due to this change, the prospects for the retail sector are changing. There is a greater need for the people in this sector to exhibit creativity and adaptability. Doing so will help them succeed and stay relevant. For example, you should consider adding events, culture-centered programs, and other attractions in your shopping centers, so people can physically come to shop instead of doing online shopping.

Family residential

When it comes to the family residential sector, the prospects are promising for the retail sector. The Canadian economy is projected to witness growth, which will help single as well as multi-family Canadians to buy new homes. The shift is towards multi-family residencies and developers, investors, and owners must take this factor into account.


The demand for condominiums is gradually increasing, which presents a good opportunity for businesses in this sector. Most young professionals prefer to buy condos in the city centers. Moreover, retired baby boomers are also trading their residences for smaller condos in the urban centers.

Purpose-built rentals

The real estate rental sector is also poised to witness growth in 2018. Montreal and Quebec City will be the leaders in this sector this year. People in these cities are rental-friendly and keen to move into purpose-built rental properties. Rental offices and commercial properties will also remain hot in 2018.

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