Canadian immigration minister: U.S won’t ban Canadian permanent residents

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Canadian immigration minister declared that U.S won’t ban Canadian permanent residents!

Finally, the federal government moved to clear all confusions that surrounded the USA travel ban on citizens of seven Muslim countries. The Canadian government declared that all Canadian permanent residents and citizens coming from those countries can cross the border as they would normally do.

The immigration minister, Ahmed Hussen, declared that the White House has already given assurances that all permanent residents of Canada can normally enter the United States. They just need to provide their Canadian permanent resident card. Despite the fact their origin might be form one of the seven Muslim countries banned to enter U.S.  On Saturday, the minister also tweeted that the White House finally confirmed that all dual citizens with a Canadian passport are free to enter U.S.

Why this confusion?

All the confusion and fear was created by the drastic measures Trump’s administration took. They banned all people from Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Syria, Somalia, Yemen and Libya. Despite the fact they might have a green card which equals as being permanent residents of the United States.

That is why, all Canadian citizen and permanent residents from one of these countries, were so much confused. They needed to know whether they would be allowed to enter USA or not. Especially since the U.S government first declared they will ban even the dual citizens ones.

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