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Which Canadian provinces can you easily immigrate to?

Canadian provinces have their unique requirements that offer you an alternative if you don’t want to apply directly via the Express Entry immigration path. The Express Entry system may not be the best option for every individual who wants to immigrate to Canada. The second best alternative is to get a nomination from a province, which can boost your Express Entry score by up to 600 points and make your immigration to Canada a definite thing.

Many people who want to go for the provincial nomination are curious as to which Canadian provinces can they easily immigrate to. Well, in my opinion, there’s no such thing as “easy” when a person moves to a new place because you have to begin with zero wherever you immigrate. The same applies to the Canadian provinces. However, there are certain leniencies in the immigration programs of some provinces, and two provinces are famous for their easy immigration policies.


Quebec is an easy province to immigrate to, mainly when you don’t have a job offer. The Quebec Skilled Worker Program has no requirements of a job offer when you apply for immigration via the ISW category. Also, its language proficiency requirements are more lenient than other Canadian provinces. And when you immigrate to this province under the PNP program, chances are you will become a permanent resident within the first two years.


Saskatchewan is another Canadian province that does not require you to have a job offer when applying through the ISW category for immigration under the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program. The language requirement proficiency for Saskatchewan is also more lenient than most other Canadian provinces. If you are an international student getting your education in this province, you can apply for PR without a job offer. In most cases, it takes a maximum of 10 months to get a PR status in Saskatchewan.

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