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Canada has turned into the land of opportunities for immigrants, thanks to the country’s fast-growing economy. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people come to Canada for work. If you are a skilled worker, you can apply for immigration through the Express Entry system. If you get a job offer before applying, it can help you get a higher score on the Express Entry system and increase your chance of successfully immigrating to and working in Canada. However, you can also look for a job once you enter Canada.

After entering Canada, your priority should be to find work. Many people are not aware as to which Canadian provinces have better and more job opportunities. Then some people assume that they can find better and more job opportunities in cities like Toronto and Vancouver. Depending on your skills, you may find better jobs in large cities; however, the provinces with more and better job opportunities are located in the western part of Canada.

Mainly, immigrants can find better job opportunities in the provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta. These provinces have the highest employment rate for immigrants than any other place in Canada. They are popular among immigrants because of the low unemployment rate during the last many years. The economic growth and industrialization in these provinces have triggered a massive demand for a skilled workforce. Currently, there is a lack of skilled labor in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta.

On top of having more and better job opportunities, the quality of life in these provinces is at par with that in the largest Canadian cities. The cost of living is also relatively lower. If you are looking for better job opportunities, lower cost of living, and quality of life, you should consider finding a job in Manitoba, Saskatchewan or Alberta.

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