Canadian study permit; who needs it?


According to the general definition, foreign students are the ones to require a Canadian study permit when they seek to study at any Canadian University, college or any other academic institution.

But, there are some exceptions for certain student categories that don’t have to own a study permit.

These groups that don’t need Canadian study permit, are as follows:

People studying in an academic program that lasts for less than six months

All foreign individuals who plan to stay in Canada for less than 6 months as a visitor can register themselves in a program of study without a Canada study permit.

Diplomats/Foreign representatives

A diplomat or foreign representative is entitled to have their family members accompany them to Canada. All family members of diplomats or foreign representatives whose eligibility is authenticated by Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada, don’t need to get a study permit to study in Canada.

Military Personnel

Every person that is a member of a foreign army that is stationed in Canada is also not required to obtain a Canada study permit to study at a Canadian institution.

Minor Children

In general, all minor children need to have a Canadian study permit in order to be able to attend elementary school. However, this rule has some exceptions about certain categories of minors who are exempt from the requirement to get a Canada study permit. For example, when the child is attending pre-school (before grade 1), or when a minor children of refugee claimants or who are refugees themselves, or a minor children that is accompanied by their parents who are authorized by Canadian immigration to work and/or study in Canada.

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