Canadian visa for authors and writers

If you are a self-employed writer or author, you may be a good candidate for Canadian permanent residence. Canada offers a special visa for authors and writers. To get the visa, you must meet some eligibility requirements. The applicant is required to provide evidence that he or she has been a self-employed author or writer for at least two years during the last five years.

The applicant must also show that he or she intends and can work as a self-employed author or writer in Canada. The immigration officers will check your financial history to see whether you have been independent and whether you have the abilities to live in Canada as a self-employed person. Your age, education, English/French fluency, and work experience will also be assessed.

It is also vital that you meet the experience tests and the Canadian government’s definition of a self-employed writer or author. The applicants are also required to pass additional tests like the test of significant contribution to Canada and the test of intention and ability for self-employment.

If you get permanent residency in Canada as a self-employed writer or author, you will enjoy many benefits. First off, the applicant is not required to get a job offer in Canada to obtain permanent resident status. Your status in Canada will bear no conditions, and you would not be required to buy or start a business in Canada before moving there.

If you become a permanent resident under this category, your family members will also become a permanent resident of Canada. If you have at least two years experience as a writer or author in the following fields, you may consider applying for the Canadian visa for writers and authors:

  • advertisement writer or copywriter
  • author
  • biography writer
  • copywriter
  • script and dialogue writer
  • essay writer
  • feature article writer
  • fiction writer
  • ghostwriter
  • handbook writer

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