What are my rights as a worker in Ontario


The rights of workers in the Canadian province of Ontario are protected under the Employment Standards Act (ESA). This law details out as to how employers should treat their workers justly. While the ESA defends your rights as a worker in Ontario, this law is not implementable in commercial entities …

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Benefits of being a Canadian permanent resident

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Canada is one of the top countries that people from around the world dream of immigrating to. The country’s top class healthcare system, excellent educational facilities, outstanding quality of life, and diversity and pluralism make it an ideal place to immigrate to. When you become a permanent resident of Canada, …

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What is the conjugal partner visa

married couple

Canada does not have a fiancé visa immigration program. It has visa programs for spouse and common-law partners. And in some cases, a sponsor’s visa application for a conjugal partner may not be entertained if the partnership or marriage is found invalid. For instance, many partners have relationships, but they …

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Top 3 myths about Express Entry

Express Entry is an immigration system that has changed the management of immigration to Canada. While the system has improved the immigration process, it has given rise to much confusion for people wanting to immigrate to Canada. There are certain myths that many people hold about the Express Entry system. …

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Moving to Canada: Vancouver city guide

Located on the West Coast of Canada, in the province of British Columbia, Vancouver is one of the most famous Canadian cities among immigrants. The city’s economy, employment and business opportunities, climate, cost of living, and quality of life are the many factors that attract immigrants. Vancouver has been ranked …

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Staying in Canada on the IEC visa

The IEC Visa has made it possible for its participants to prolong their stay in Canada and even become a permanent resident of the country. Many IEC visa holders have been found to be doing provisional periodic work in Canada. These types of employment are categorized under the C and …

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