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What is Family Sponsorship Immigration?

Everyone over the age of 18 years old and over, who is a Canadian citizen/permanent resident has the possibility to sponsor family members in order for them to become Canadian permanent residents too. By “sponsoring”, Canadian government indicates the person who takes a relative to live as a permanent resident ...

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Who benefits from Changes to Express Entry?

John McCallum, minister of Citizenship and Immigration, has announced some important changes to the Express Entry application for permanent residency affecting all students obtaining a Canadian degree from a Canadian institution and also, skilled workers who apply with an available job offer. Even though the requirements are still the same, ...

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How does Canada benefits from multiculturalism?

A multicultural country. This is the best way to describe Canadian culture today. As more people move and permanently live in Canada, more this leafy country learns to accept the other ethnicities and backgrounds. Canadian people have proved to be very tolerant and supporters of racial diversity. The truth is, ...

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10 Reasons to study in Canada

Canada has managed to hold its top-rated reputation though many years. It is considered as one of the best places to live, study and work! Canadian people are known to be tolerant and very open minded when it comes in accepting different cultures and lifestyles that people from all around the world ...

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Ten jobs that can bring you to Canada

Express Entry is the fastest way for international skilled workers to relocate to Canada. This popular immigration selection system is not only more efficient but also faster than other similar programs around the world. In most cases, candidates will see their applications being processed in six months. Applicants in the ...

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