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Labour Market overview in every area in Canada

jobs market

Thousands of people each year decide to start a new life in the country that seems to have it all! Even though not all of them can achieve this dream, the ones who do, start making themselves many questions regarding the new life they’re just about to begin or the ...

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Why work and live in Saskatoon, Canada?

Saskatoon is a Canadian city which has been experiencing a drastically development especially in science, biotechnology and technology. Another thing to be mentioned is the fact that this city is providing more that 50% of all Canada’s export crops by producing some essential agricultural services for the overall economy.  Also, ...

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How to build the perfect resume

There are certain templates used to build resumes in most economies. However, you will probably need to alter your CV for Canadian employers in order to increase your chances of receiving a job. Studies have shown that it takes only 20 seconds for an employer to analyze a resume, so ...

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Which are the best jobs in Canada?

Forestry manager and mining manager are the best jobs in Canada right now, according to a specialized magazine. The median salary, in both cases, is around $104,000 a year and projected to grow 19 percent. Moreover, it is estimated that employment growth will be at 44 percent over the next ...

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How to find work in the skilled trades in Canada

Skilled tradesmen are extremely sought-after throughout Canada, despite the downturn in some industries. Most provinces offer immigration opportunities for individuals with experience in the skilled trades, especially if they already have a job offer. Those who moved to Canada through other programs and wish to find work in the field ...

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Top eight careers of the future in Canada

Teachers will always remain in demand, regardless of the economic situation in Canada. Therefore, job specialists say that people who have a passion for educating and helping the others should pursue a career in teaching. Salaries start at $50,000/$55,000 a year and can go up based on seniority. Alberta, Quebec, the ...

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Canada’s top jobs in Education

The educational services in Canada added roughly 38,000 new jobs from 2014 to 2015 and there are reasons to believe that 2016 will also be a good year for the industry and those who work in it. In the 2016 ranking of Canada’s Best Jobs, eight are in education. For ...

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