Tips to eat cheaply in Toronto and Vancouver

There are many people who can’t afford to eat expensive meals. Toronto and Vancouver are among the most expensive cities in Canada. As such, students, low-income earners, and people looking to save money for the future find it had to eat cheaply in these cities. The good news is that …

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Canada’s real estate trends 2018

The real estate trends in Canada are all set to take a turn for the good in 2018. Competitive elements are triggering real estate developers, owners, and investors to rethink and gauge their strategies, so they can make appropriate deals and change the way they do business. Factors like technological …

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Top 3 fashionable Canadian cities

Canada is one of the most fashionable countries in the world. Many fashion shows and fashion weeks are held in the country every year. Furthermore, it is home to many world-class fashion locales. Some Canadian cities are more fashionable than others. Here are the top 3 fashionable Canadian cities: Vancouver …

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The best national parks of Canada

pacific rim

Canada is the second largest country in the world in terms of land. As such, it has huge areas with pristine nature, ranging from mountains to costs and tundra to cold deserts. Most of these gems are located in the fabled national parks of Canada. Let’s take a look at …

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The best historic sites in Canada

  Canada has a rich history, and it is home to some of the world’s best heritage sites. The country rose to its prominence after World War I. If you want to know the best historic sites in Canada, here is a list for you: Nan Sdins Situated on the …

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Top 4 attractions for kids in Canada

Canada is a popular tourist destination in the world. There are many landmarks in Canada that attract hundreds of thousands of tourists from across the world each year. The country has many tourist attractions for kids as well, ranging from national parks to skiing resorts and winter sports landmarks. Furthermore, …

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Important facts about the economy of Canada


Canada’s economy is ranked among the most robust economies of the world. It is one of the world’s richest countries. The economy of Canada is primarily dominated by the service industry. About 40 percent of Canada’s economy comprises the private sector, whereas 60 percent is made of the public sector. …

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Home renovation ideas

purchasing a house

After buying a home, you may feel the need for some renovation, so the place can perfectly attune to your tastes and requirements. Here are some home renovation ideas that can make your home the home of your dreams: 1. Enhance the deck or build a new one A deck …

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