Canada’s best places for people over 60 to live


The list you’ll find next is focused on three main aspects that people over their 60s care about the most. Reasonable and affordable amenities, warm weather, advanced healthcare and activities to do, are only some of the most favorable features a place must have in order to be considered suitable …

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Essential things to know about Canadian Culture

Even though Canada has only 35 million people living there, far less when compared to its southern neighbor, its people share one of the largest cultural diversity in the world. In Canada, there are over 200 distinct cultures. This is the reason why this nation’s synonym is “cultural mosaic”. It …

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Canada‘s Best cities to find a full-time job

Everyone knows that Canada is a country that offers endless of job opportunities. It doesn’t matter whether you own a bachelor’s degree or not, as long as you are qualified to do a job that Canada’s job market needs, then you’re safe. But, which are the best cities that offer …

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