Self-employed stream: Who is qualified

The self-employed stream is not for everyone. It covers certain individuals, with certain qualities who want to live and do business in Canada. There are 3 categories of individuals who can be eligible to apply for the self-employed stream: 1) Self-employed in cultural activities First off, the self-employed stream covers …

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Express Entry: Top 3 tips

open work permit

Express Entry is a popular immigration program that lets people create and submit their immigration applications via an online system and be deemed as a skilled worker intending to immigrate to Canada. The system assigns points to the candidates. The candidates with highest point scores are then invited to file …

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3 popular Canadian visas


Canada is one of the most immigrant-friendly countries in the world. As such, most people prefer to live and work in Canada. There are certain Canadian visas that are more popular than others. Below I have explained the top three of them. 1. Federal Skilled Worker visa¬† If you are …

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3 easy ways to immigrate to Canada

There are many challenges, long procedures, and money involved in immigrating to Canada. This makes the country inaccessible to many people. If you lack money or the necessary skills to immigrate to Canada, getting a visa can be challenging and costly for you. There are, however, certain easier ways to …

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Canada needs and embraces entrepreneurs

Canada is looking for entrepreneurs. The good news is that Canada does not offer only a temporary or provisional status to entrepreneurs. Instead, it offers successful applicants the opportunity to get permanent resident status, without any strings attached. If you want to start an innovative idea that can challenge even …

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