Changes in the Express Entry PR application time


In a recent move, the Canadian immigration authority ‘IRCC’ has decreased the PR application deadline to sixty days from the previous ninety days. The new deadline begins right after you get the Invitation to Apply from the IRCC. The Canadian government has taken this decision with the aim to generally decrease the application time for the Express Entry PR application.

Despite this change being favorable to the applicants, some applications have become worried because they think they now have lesser time to get their application and papers ready. But the fact is that it provides you with more advantages, and the only thing you need to focus on is to prepare your application and documents on time.

You must start preparing your application and supporting documents as soon as you can so that your application can be processed quickly. You should not wait for the ITA. Just go ahead and be ready to fill out your application. Yes, you can’t fill your application beforehand, but at least you can get your documents ready and go through the application form.

After registering your Express Entry profile, you should start to prepare your documents because after getting the ITA, you will have only sixty days to file your application. Also, read the instructions written on the application and acquaint yourself with the application process in advance. Do not forget to read and follow the guidelines printed on the ITA.

If you want to have your application processed without any problems and delays, you should consider getting help from a Canadian immigration consultant or attorney. They can save you from the hiccups that you may come across if you go about filling out the application yourself and preparing your documents. Keep in mind that if you are new to applying for the Express Entry PR, the procedure can be complicated for you. To avoid the expected problems, you should prepare everything in advance and use the service of an immigration expert.

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