Reasons why to choose Canada over USA?

canada vs USA

Canada is seen to be the perfect country for so many reasons; even the Canadians have lost count. Forbes has rated this country to be the best in the world if you aim to live a happy and secure life. It managed to dodge the economic crisis that has recently damaged Europe and the United States. It seems, Canada is untouchable and it plans to remain like that for a long time. Starting from their tax system, public safety, economy, education, business support, and race relations, is all just one of the main factors that make this country so great!

But, if you’re still not fully convinced about all the things Canada can offer you especially when compared with its neighbor, USA, then, just have a look at the list below and we’re pretty sure you will change your opinion! J

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Recession hit USA pretty hard. Well, this didn’t happen with Canada.  It seems this country has managed to not only overpass the recession; it actually has increased its economic rates and performances in many important aspects such as education, manufactory, transportation etc. This means Canada was better prepared to face this recession. This year, the Canada’s fiscal deficits are predicted to be around 33$ billion dollars, well below the 3% of GDP threshold that economy considers to be well-manageable. It’s pretty impressive. Especially when compared with USA that is expected to be around 9.2%. Also, because in Canada there wasn’t any sub-prime mortgage issue, the real estate market is still on its best shape.


Despite each country has a unique combination of culture and lifestyle, when their educations system is compared, Canada does make a really big difference. Canada’s education system offers better basic services for all its students and their families when compared with the USA. It offers more consistency across schools and its districts in curriculum and advanced teaching methods. All post-graduation schools cost way less than the fees a student studying in the United States must pay. When compared, Canada offers the same amount and diversity of study fields and teaching methods like USA education and especially post-graduate system can offer. But the big difference here, is that Canadian students pay at least 5 times less than USA ones.


When comparing the crime rates between Canada and USA, there is an enormous difference between these two countries. Canada has a significant lower rate of any type of crime. This country is considered to be one of the safest ones on earth today.  It has a perfect security system that is well-established all across the Canada and you barely hear a crime happen in Canadian neighborhoods and family areas.

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