Cities with lowest house rents in Canada

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Are you thinking of moving to Canada and looking for a place to settle in?

We bet that if you are coming here for the first time, you will likely look for an affordable house for you to rent. Low expanses in the starting phase of immigration allow you to save more for future.

Many bachelors who come to Canada for career wise opportunities tend to look for places that are offered with lowest rent and have good facilities too. Along with that many families look for cheaper places to settle in earlier phases of moving as well.

Well, fret no more! We have accumulated the data that is just right for you. Here in this article you will find the cities in Canada that offer the lowest house rents. These cities will offer the best and affordable living style for you and also for your family.


It is located in Eastern Quebec and is considered as the cheapest in terms of rent if you are looking to live in Canada. The monthly rentals of the houses offered in the area as follows:

Bachelor: $344/month

1 Bedroom: $381/month

2 Bedrooms: $476/month

3 Bedrooms: $509/month


Another great option in Eastern Quebec is St. Georges. It is a pretty cool place is lowest rents. The houses here are offered with all the latest advancements for a comfortable life. The average rents here follow as:

Bachelor: $346/month

1 Bedroom: $415/month

2 Bedrooms: $515/month

3 Bedrooms: $541/month


One more great option to look for a rental place is Edmundson city located in New Brunswick. The average rent here is pretty affordable and job opportunities in the city are great too.

The average residential rents are as follows:

Bachelor: $419/month

1 Bedroom: $468/month

2 Bedrooms: $550/month

3 Bedrooms: $590/month


If you are looking to move to the upper side then St. Johns in Newfoundland can be an excellent option for you. It has affordable rents and also have finest employment opportunities.

Its average rents are as follows

Bachelor: $640/month

1 Bedroom: $782/month

2 Bedrooms: $830/month

3 Bedrooms: $980/month

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