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College graduates in BC earn on average $50,000 a year

ID-100313158A new report from the Research Universities’ Council of British Columbia shows that most graduates have no difficulties in finding a well-paying job in their field of training shortly after finishing school. The study focused on the classes of 2008 to 2012. Students were surveyed two years after graduation and were asked about their current job, the level of satisfaction they get from work, their salaries and whether their degrees helped them to find employment.

According to the results, graduates of 2012 from any of the six universities in British Columbia were earning on average $50,000 a year, two years after completing their education. The amount is considerably higher than the national average of $30,400 made by people 15 to 24 years of age who are entering the workforce, regardless of their academic status.

Many students said they were working in fields which are related to their education. 85 percent of graduates with health-related degrees and 61 percent of business graduates found jobs in their fields. 82 percent reported that their degree was useful, and 92 percent said they were satisfied with their university education.

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