The Conditional Permanent Residence Provision for Spouse is officially withdrawn by government


The Conditional Permanent Residence Provision for Spouse is officially withdrawn by the government. It was first instituted back in October 2012, for all sponsored partners in law/spouses of the permanent residents/citizens of Canada. The Canadian citizens or permanent residents should have been in an actual relationship for at least two years with their partner. And also, have no kids, at the time when they filed for sponsorship.

Conditional Permanent Residence Provision:  For Spouse- bring misused for sham marriage arrangements

The number one reason for the introduction of this condition was to make sure that people trying to show fake relationships for the main intention to immigrate in Canada, to be discouraged. Eventually, the total number of this case will drop.

Spouse Conditional Permanent Residence Provision

Unfortunately, this disproportion has created different issues and problems so far. The conditions were clear. If these people belonging in the relationship were not cohabiting for at least two years, the permanent resident status of the sponsored partner would be invalidated… This, until recently…

Despite that, the Canadian government abolished this conditional permanent resident provision. The IRCC  made public this good news in April, 2017.

Elimination of this condition brings a favor to all vulnerable Spouses/Partners which are facing abuse

That is why, IRCC has mentioned that this elimination of the condition focuses on the clear fact that the permanent resident provision had not the intention to encourage the abuse that some of the sponsored spouses face.

But, since the abuse cases have been common, IRCC decided to take some effective steps and remove the conditions. This will promote the reconciliation of the family.

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