Content of the letter of invitation for visitor visas to Canada

The letter of invitation for a visitor visa to Canada has immense importance. A Canadian citizen or permanent resident must send the invitation to the visitor, consenting and proving his/her ability to host the visitor in Canada. The letter of invitation is compulsory and always needed for people who want to go to Canada on a visitor visa.

When it comes to the content of the invitation letter, the host must mention his/her name, date of birth, contact details, Canadian status, profession and the number of people living in the house. The letter should also provide information regarding the relationship between the host and other people living in the house. Moreover, the host should make a written commitment in the letter to support and host the visitor during his/her time in Canada. The support can be in the form of monetary help and/or lodging.

As for the information regarding the visitor, the letter must clearly state his/her complete name, date of birth, existing address, phone number, relationship with the host, the duration the visitor wants to spend in Canada, and where the visitor would be accommodated.

In order to back up the content of the letter of invitation, the host should provide proof of his/her financial status and means of income. The host must provide the last 2 Notices of Assessment by the Canada Revenue Agency or the appointment contract or letter from his/her employer that lucidly mentions his/her position, date of employment, and the annual salary.

Furthermore, the host must provide proof of the size of his/her family in Canada, so it becomes clear he/she has enough resources to host the visitor in Canada. The host must have a solid financial status, especially if the visitor is coming to Canada with his/her dependents. You can find the minimum income criteria for the host on the website of the Citizenship and Immigration.

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