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How to create your Express Entry profile

When applying for immigration to Canada as a skilled worker under the Express Entry, you are required to create and submit an online profile. Your profile will include information about your education, work experience, skills, language proficiency, and other details.

Creating and submitting your EE profile is completely free and safe. If you start your EE profile today, you must complete and submit it within 90 days.

The information you provide in your profile is used to assess whether you meet the eligibility criteria to move to Canada under Express Entry. Candidates meeting the criteria will be invited to apply for permanent residence under EE.

Unlike the previous requirement, it is now not compulsory to develop a Job Match account with Job Bank. Once you get into the EE pool, you get the option to initiate a job search by creating a Job Match account with Job Bank. You can use Job Bank to find a job even when you enter Canada.

Before creating your EE profile, you must be sure to check your eligibility under the federal program that is part of Express Entry. You can use the Come to Canada online tool to check your eligibility.

The online tool will send you your account information if you are eligible. You should then follow the instructions to create your EE profile. Be sure to fill out all the details, including your personal and professional information. It is not mandatory to complete your profile in a single sitting.

You can exit it at any time; however, you must complete and submit your profile within 90 days of starting it. Once your profile is ready, you can submit it for acceptance. If your profile is accepted, it will be made part of the EE pool of applicants. However, you should bear in mind that submitting your profile does not mean you have applied for permanent residence.

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