The most in-demand jobs in Canada for 2018

Canada’s economic performed fairly well in 2017. Almost all industries witnessed optimistic growth trends, adding a large number of new jobs to the economy. The economy is also poised to continue its positive trend into 2018. Jobs are among the primary factors that indicate economic growth of a country. There are many jobs that become obsolete as a result of new technologies and innovations, whereas there are other jobs that have increased in demand. Here are the most in-demand jobs in Canada for 2018:


Given the speed at which technology is penetrating our everyday lives and industries, this sector is all set to see a huge growth this year. Technology is expected to add tens of thousands of jobs to the economy in 2018. Coding, artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and other technology-associated fields are the most in-demand technological areas. If you have a background in these areas, you are in luck.


In 2017, the Canadian economy rose after a lethargic 2016. The rebound of 2017 occurred in part due to a boost in the manufacturing sector. The rising exports will keep the manufacturing sector growing in 2018 as well. What this means is that the manufacturing sector jobs are hot right now. And you will see more jobs being created in this sector, with a focus on new and traditional skills.


The logistics sector is also among the fastest growing industries in Canada. The growing of the manufacturing sector is indirectly fueling the growth of the logistics sector. Jobs in the logistics sector are among the most-demanded jobs in Canada. You can expect to see the creation of more jobs in this sector this year.


With the growths in the construction and manufacturing sectors, engineers are most in-demand in Canada. In order to continue the growth, different industries need engineers to design and plan new products and infrastructure. If you are an engineer, you can expect to get better opportunities this year.

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