The difference between hiring a licensed consultant and an immigration lawyer


Everyone dealing with immigration related procedures knows how important hiring a good specialist to help preparing you to immigrate is. That person should be the one to give you some worthy law advices and also, perform some legal functions when dealing with all the necessary requested documentation. Sometimes, having a strong back up, means everything, especially after knowing how strict and difficult applying procedures may seem to be.

The main responsibilities this expert should have when hired are:

  • To give all kind of immigration-related legal advices
  • Drafting/Prepare specific documents
  • He should be the one to represent the client in court
  • To interpret and apply laws.

When hiring a consultant, you cannot expect him to have a valid lawyer bachelor’s degree. A consultant doesn’t need to go under strict regulations and supervisions in order to give you his service. When hiring a lawyer, along with the necessary education, some law admission examinations and respective practice, his job as a lawyer must also be regulated and controlled by POL (Professional Order of Lawyers). Working under the POL rules, means that your lawyer should follow them in order to continue practicing his profession. Professional order of Lawyers rules include: Mandates performance, all kind of obligations a lawyer has towards his client etc. If you have any complaining about your lawyer, the POL is the organ to help you get compensated by sending them a formal complaint letter.

On the other hand, a consultant, when charging a fee for his advices, must be a member of one of the followings: Provincial law society or Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC), or Chabre des notaries du Quebec.

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