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Employment in Canada continues to grow

31992348_sThe latest report published by Statistics Canada casts away any shadow of a doubt regarding the direction that the economy is following. In fact, the job market seems to get better by the month and it grew by nearly 115.000 jobs from December last year to August.  Moreover, the jobless rate managed to stay steady even though the oil price dropping down was not easy on the national economy and especially on the provinces that depend mostly on this industry. For the past three years, unemployment remained between 6.6 and 7.4 percent.

In the last decade, Canada’s economy added more than 1.7 million new jobs. The biggest gain was reported in health services: 573.500 jobs, representing about one in every three jobs. 29 percent of the total number of jobs was in construction, and another 27 percent was in professional services, such as law, medicine and accounting. Governmental and public service jobs had a high peak in 2006 but started to reduce over the years. In August, there were 329.100 workers included on the payroll.

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