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Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System puts new changes in effect

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The latest improvements made to Express Entry that come from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), intent to create a more dynamic Express Entry system since it is the main driver of economic immigration to Canada.

After June 6, 2017, all candidates belonging in the Express Entry pool who have a sibling that is currently living in Canada may obtain additional points in their Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) scores.

Also, candidates who have a proven French ability get additional points as well.

These changes also include the registration in the Canada Job Bank to no longer be mandatory for candidates that don’t have a qualifying job offer or a provincial nomination. Despite this, every candidate that wants to improve their chances and conditions may still choose to enter the Job Bank and pursue every employment opportunities.

Era of changes

Despite the fact these changes were first introduced in March this year, they were only applied this week. These are the second biggest changes that IRCC has conducted after the ones made in last November.

During the previous changes, IRCC changed the number of CRS points that were awarded for a qualifying job offer. They went from 600 to 50 or 200 points. This depending on the position offered for that candidate. Also, at the same time, all candidates who have already completed a Canadian study program got additional points.

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