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When to extend your study permit

Your study permit bears the date on which your study in Canada will come to an end. This date may indicate the duration of your study program, plus 90 days additional. The 90 additional days provide you time to makes preparations to exit Canada or file an application to extend your stay in Canada.

In case you want to extend your study permit, you must do so minimum of 30 days prior to its expiry date. You can find the expiry date at the top right corner of your study permit. If the expiry date mentioned on your passport has already passed, your study permit will not be extended.

If you have applied for an extension before the expiry date of your study permit, you can continue to live in Canada under the same conditions as your existing study permit till the authorities have made a decision regarding the extension of your permit.

Moreover, you should file an application for the extension of your study permit if you have to travel outside Canada and the study permit expires at the time of your journey. Also, you would be required to exit Canada if you have not applied for an extension before the expiry date of your permit.

In case you complete your study earlier than the expected date, you still have an additional 90 days to get an extension. You must apply to extend your study permit as soon as possible. Furthermore, you must extend your study permit if you will complete your study program at a date later than what is mentioned on the permit or as you expected.

There are also many people who would complete their study program and want to stay in Canada but no longer as a student. In this case, you should apply for a work permit, get a visitor status in Canada, or exit Canada.

A few months ago A new, online portal was opened for all International Students in need for further, detailed information related to their studies and further steps to their permanent residency. The CanadaVisa Study Hub aims to also help all recent graduates on a post-Graduation Work Permit.

The main function of this online Hub is to link all students with a wide range of tools. Also, necessary resources. This will make them to make the most out of their studies and time spent in Canada. And also start their pathway to their permanent residency.

All members to this study Hub, get also an exclusive access to a monthly scholarship which worth $2,500.

The road to permanent residency

The best part of studying in Canada is that, compared to the newcomers through different visas and programs, students have already spent some quality time in Canada and have well-established their roots. That is why, this category of people, is considered to be the most desirable future immigrants.

Also, another feature International students usually have, is the fact they can speak multiple languages. That is why; these students may easily find themselves more suitable for a large variety of jobs in the Canadian job market.  The government of Canada has constantly supported international students in their efforts to become permanent residents. This,  after their graduation from a Canadian university or other study program.  Fortunately, according to recent changes to the Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), which took effect on November 19, 2016, awarded points to international graduates in the Express Entry pool for their Canadian educational credentials.

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