The first three things to do after arriving in Canada


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The first few weeks after arriving in Canada, you need to organize and put your life back together. We perfectly understand you. That is why we’ve written this article, to help you better establish yourself in this new country.

Here are the first, three things to do, immediately after you arrive in Canada:

Social Insurance Number (SIN)

In order to work, or be able to access government programs and many other benefits, you need to get a Social Security Number. You need to visit your nearest Service Canada Centre and fill out the necessary application form. Don’t forget to bring with you the appropriate documents. They should include: your permanent residence card, confirmation of this permanent residence card, visa attached to a foreign passport/travel document.

Medical Care

As a permanent resident, you are eligible for public health insurance. You need it to cover all medical care services. Each member of your family needs his own Health Card, issued by the provincial or territorial government.  So, applying for Health Care Card is a smart thing to do.


The third, most important step for you to do immediately after arriving in Canada, is to properly set up your finances. By opening a bank account, you can keep your money safe and also, accessible. Through the bank account, you can pay taxes, bills, and anything else you need to purchase. Save yourself some time and money organizing your finances in the best way possible.

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